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Greyhound Racing: Ratings

Greyhound Racing Please note: Rating will be up and running by September 2016, as we are improving the algorithm.

Using mathematical formulas and data analysis, we have developed an algorithm which calculate and predict outcome of the race taking into account a lot of factors influencing the outcome of the race: age, grade, race comments etc. to mention just a few.
Using this approach we can give a better predictions than one which doesn't take into consideration the above factors(please refer to Stats for greyhound racing data analysis and statistics).
Our new tipping service started in March 2015, after carefully studying 15,000 collected races. A statistical approach was used to select and filter profitable scenarios. There will be on average 20 - 25 tips in a week, with no tips on some days.
Our software will randomly pick one race a day for illustrative purposes(please check Help for explanation). We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to view ratings for better image's quality.

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